Mana Ceremonial Earthenware is handcrafted and decorated in the remote Aravaipa Valley Wilderness in southeastern Arizona. Each step in the production process requires attention to detail to ensure that there are no flaws in the finished piece, which is twice fired to temperatures exceeding 1900F. The workmanship that goes into each piece is the meditation of three clergy members: Immanuel (Mana) Trujillo, who has been making visionary art for sixty years, Anne Zapf and Matthew Kent, each having thirty years experience making Mana pottery. We care about the quality of our product, and it shows!

Mana tm Peyote Way Pottery is in the Permanent Collection of the Smithsonian Institute Museum of the American Indian.

The Mana tm Signature

Mana means a person, place or thing imbued with spiritual power. In these times of imported mass-produced products, our pottery, which is completely handmade, is charged with the power of devotion and attention to detail. We underline the Mana signature with the maze of life. Mana is the registered trademark of the Peyote Way Church.

Our inventory has recently been diminished by a collector who bought a lot of our mugs and other specialty pieces. We still have some vases and other pieces. Please check back soon, as we continue to make and offer new Mana products. Thanks.

Food Safe

ManaTM Pottery is the financial arm and secular vehicle of the Peyote Way Church, a Peyotist Church that is open to all. The Church promotes the sacramental use of Peyote and its conservation, a holistic lifestyle based on the Word of Wisdom, compassion, selfless service, the recognition of the female as the giver of life, and family oriented cottage industry. Mana designs are inspired by our sacrament, our work environment, and our Word of Wisdom lifestyle.

Our pottery can also be seen and purchased at any of these fine art galleries:

In Arizona:
Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson AZ
Made in Arizona, Sedona, AZ

Celebrity collectors-Whoopi Goldberg and Bill Walton

Pictured above: Rev. Immanuel P. Trujillo, Rev. Anne L. Zapf, and Rabbi Matthew S. Kent in front of our Aravaipa home

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